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The other day, I read an article on The Verge titled Amazon Prime’s one-day shipping is already rolling out. I thought to myself, awesome! But deep down, I knew for me it would probably be a year or more before I saw anything like that. And then I saw that beautiful Amazon Prime 1 Day shipping logo.

Prime Free One-Day Shipping

See, I live in North Louisiana. We don’t get things quickly here. Hell, Walmart just got grocery pick-up about 9 months to a year ago (or somewhere around there).

And that’s ok – I’m used to it. I like to say that it just gives companies more time to perfect a product or service before it rolls out to us. Yeah, that’s what I keep telling myself.

But earlier today, I was looking for a DOCSIS 3 compatible cable modem (as I’ve been thinking of upgrading). I recently purchased a Google WiFi router, but still have an old cable modem.

Amazon Prime 1 Day Shipping
Amazon Prime 1 Day Shipping

It kind of shocked me. Here’s my best guess as to why this router is available to me with Amazon Prime 1 Day Shipping: they have it in a warehouse in Dallas. It’s only a 4-ish hour drive. Awesome!

Some users are seeing it, and some users aren’t. Michele Doying in his article stated for example that he’s not seeing it yet, while his friend is already.

I almost feel bad for traditional retailers. There’s no way anyone other than Walmart or other mega-chains can compete with this kind of infrastructure. The days of choosing between going to the store or waiting two days for shipping is getting knocked down to one day, and I’m conflicted about it. What about you?


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