Pixel 2 with Android 10 installed
Pixel 2 with Android 10 installed

After months in beta testing, Google has officially released Android 10 for all recent Pixel phones (back to Pixel 2). This is on par for a potential Pixel 4 launch in October (which is normally when they announce new flagship phones).

Dave Burke, VP of Engineering at Google, wrote in the post their focus with this release is on making everyday life easier as well as security.

Key features of the newly released Android 10 that I love

  1. Dark theme – come over to the dark side! This is a feature I’ve personally been waiting on for awhile, as I prefer everything to be dark theme (it’s easier on the eyes). Some apps aren’t ready for dark mode (Gmail for example). Give it time, obi-wan.
  2. Gesture navigation – gimmick or actually useful? I’m not sure yet, I’ve just enabled it and will write a post about it soon. The concept is cool but I find myself staring at my screen earlier wondering what to do with my hands?!
  3. Live Caption – this feature sounds absolutely amazing! It will automatically caption video and audio for you! However, it won’t be available until later this fall. Sad pandas. But hey, this isn’t stopping me from using the newly released Android 10!
  4. Better smart replies – yes please, I actually use these quite a bit in my daily life. One of my favorites, albeit simple, is when I type “omw” to someone. When I open my phone as I’m arriving, the next smart reply is “here.” It’s the little things.
  5. Controlled notifications – It’s 2019, and some days it feels like I get 32 notifications when any 1 thing happens. You can “silence” some notifications and they won’t make noise or clutter your home screen. I can definitely use this in my life right now.

There are other great features centered around digital wellbeing and security. You can read them in the official blog post. Additionally, check out the official Android 10 site as it has tons of information about all the new features!


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