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How much does DIRECTV NOW cost?

DIRECTV NOW has more packages than most live tv streaming services, but they can get quite costly. As of May, 2019, there are two primary packages that most people will want. The PLUS Package (45+ channels with HBO) costs $50 / mo. The MAX Package (60+ channels with HBO, Cinemax, and more Sports) costs $70 / mo.

Beyond that, packages range from $93 / mo up to $135 / mo.

How does DIRECTV NOW work?

DIRECTV and DIRECTV Now are owned by AT&T. DIRECTV is the second largest TV provider, behind Comcast. Since DIRECTV NOW is owned and created by DIRECTV and AT&T, they have access to all of the normal networks you would expect a live TV streaming service to have.

The way it works is pretty simple. You sign up for a DIRECTV NOW account on their main website, select your package, and then you can stream from any of their supported devices (smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, browsers, etc…).

How much storage does DIRECTV NOW True Cloud Storage have?

As of May, 2019, DIRECTV NOW True Cloud DVR is in limited beta, and allows up to 20 hours of recordings, stored for a maximum of 30 days.

What premium channels does DIRECTV NOW offer?

Premium channels offered by DIRECTV NOW are as follows:

SHOWTIME – $11 / mo
STARZ – $11 / mo
CINEMAX – $11 / mo
SPANISH Sports – $5 / mo
SPANISH News, telenovelas, sports – $15 / mo

What devices are supported by DIRECTV NOW?

The following devices are supported for DIRECTV NOW:

4th Generation and higher Apple TV
iOS Devices
Amazon Fire TV / Stick
Google Chromecast (2’nd generation and higher)
Android phones & tablet (5.0 and up)
Samsung Smart TVs (2017+ models)

How many simultaneous streams can I watch with DIRECTV NOW?

Currently, DIRECTV NOW supports 2 simultaneous streams at a time. For an additional $5 / mo, you can add a third stream.

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