Google Wifi On Brown Desk

Google Wifi Review: Is Mesh WiFi Better? (2019)

Tired of rebooting your router every other day? How about switching to the extended network because you're in the back of the house? This post will review Google Wifi...
Amazon Prime Logo

Amazon Prime 1 Day Shipping Available On Some Items Already

The other day, I read an article on The Verge titled Amazon Prime’s one-day shipping is already rolling out. I thought to myself, awesome! But deep down, I...
Pixelbook on fluffy

Virtual Desktops for Chromebooks Arriving in Chrome OS 76

Chrome OS is becoming quite the contender in the laptop and 2-in-1 arena. Although it may not be as full-featured as a Windows or Mac, it's operating system...
Pixelbook on fluffy

Possible Pixelbook 2 Benchmark Found in the Wild

Us techies love finding tantalizing tidbits of information, especially when we're not really looking for it. Earlier today, Kevin at About Chromebooks found what he thinks may be...
Pixel 2 with Android 10 installed

Android 10 Released for Pixel Phones (Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and up)

Android 10 released and we've listed our favorite features so far. Summary: Android 10 is all about quality of life and security improvements!