Pixelbook on fluffy

Us techies love finding tantalizing tidbits of information, especially when we’re not really looking for it. Earlier today, Kevin at About Chromebooks found what he thinks may be a potential Pixelbook 2 benchmark while browsing Geekbench.

What threw him off was when he found the Pixelbooks tested ran “updated eighth-generation processors with the U-Series, not Y-Series, Intel chips found in the current Pixelbook.”

Very interesting indeed. This is obviously a huge if. But why would he say that? Kevin goes on to break down the various chips that he saw benchmarked. Noting that the current Pixelbooks are equipped with a Y-series chip, but the benchmarks show a U-series chip.

He continues by saying that the board name for all of these tested Pixelbooks is eve. But eve is the name of the current Pixelbook, which is a bit confusing. Maybe they’re just testing upgraded processors, and a refresh is upon us? Maybe they’re just re-using the board name as to not show any information publicly.

Who knows, but in related news The Verge recently reported that Google does have something else up its sleeve.

They said that Google confirmed it’s Pixelbook group has new laptops and tablets coming. Even after Business Insider reported that Google moved employees out of the laptop and tablet division, for “cutbacks.”

The Verge goes on to say that while originally Google declined to comment, the company now tells them “that it’s hardware division actually does have new laptops and tablets on the way.”

I know, all this leaves more questions than answers. What exactly is Google working on? Is it the Pixelbook 2? Is it some business focused PC? Only time will tell.


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